Yesterday evening I came home after several hours of book-shopping to find that I had only bought 17 books at the Bookfestival (see previous post). Understandably this caused me some worry since the implication was that I might have been cured of my extreme book-buying tendencies. This would have come as a big relief to my boyfriend who occasionally worries for my mental health as he watches my steadily increasing book collection. I, however, remedied this situation by buying an additional 10 books today, ending up with the final number of 27 books. The total cost for the books I purchased during two days is 81.56€ making an average of 3.02€ per book. Not a bad deal according to me!

The book festival itself was similar to previous years. Unfortunately the journey there by public transport has become much less convenient since I moved last year, so we decided to go by car, a decision we would come to regret. Driving through Brussels, a city riddled with roadworks, is difficult enough under usual circumstances, but on top of this our GPS has a habit of acting up. Yesterday she was in a particularly difficult mood and decided to give us the opposite instructions most of the way.  Hence, when the map showed that we should turn right she would declare that we should turn left. It took some while to get over the confusion. After an arduous journey, we were almost at our destination when our road was inexplicably closed off forcing us to take a bewildering detour. After circling back once, we finally found the right track only to be stuck in a traffic jam stretching all the way to the Brussels Expo hall, where the fair was to be held. The final straw was the bad signalization, which meant we spent an inordinate time finding the parking space reserved for visitors of the fair.


As I wrote above, the Bookfestival was its usual self, and possibly even a little improved in comparison to last year’s fair which was something of a disappointment. Rows and rows of tables laden with piles of books stretched before us as we entered. As I approached my favourite tables, at the English language novels section, I realized, to my dismay, that several books had been snatched up duringthe previous couple of days, while I was at work. Yellow-shirted staff staff were moving books around in order to remove superfluous tables. The fact that whole tables worth of books had already found their way into other people’s carriages was not welcome news for me and I still cannot help but wonder what precious finds I missed. But there was plenty left for me to look at and finally I ended up with 21 novels, in several genres (literary, historical, crime, sci-fi, YA). On my return today I focused more on the other sections and purchased some cookbooks and non-fiction. I am quite happy with the final pile, although I doubt I will find some all-time favourites among the week-end’s catch. But, who knows? I might be surprised! When I bought Erik Fosnes Hansens wondeful Tales of Protection at the Bookfestival a few years ago I had no idea how much I would like it.

Well, after a long week-end spent bending to pore over book covers and reading blurbs I will now retire to bed for some well deserved rest before another Monday morning.