It’s all Saints Day! Yippee! Not because I’m all that interested in saints but because this means I do not have to go to work today. No Research Fellows will approach my desk to tell me that they want to organise another event on solving the Euro crisis next week, expecting me to clone myself and have a flawless seminar arranged in 5 days. And the weather is awful so I have an excuse for staying at home and spending my time on books, and some blogging, of course.

This morning I woke up at around 10 but got out of bed only at 12. After making a sandwich and a cup of tea I settled down for my morning read. I did not even have to tell my boyfriend to put on headphones to stop the noise from his computer game disturbing me; he saw me opening my book and did it all on his own initiative. How perfect is that?While sipping a warm comforting cup of tea I finished reading The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I very much enjoyed this latest installment in the Cemetery of Forgotten books cycle, but it did not stand up to The Shadow of the Wind (which I re-read as preparation) or The Angel’s Game. This was a much shorter book than both the previous novels, and much of the descriptive language that was crucial for the haunting atmosphere of those books was missing. I noticed that I read this one much more quickly, not stopping to as often to savour beautiful sentences but intrigued at finding out what happened next. The chapters where very short, and this also contributed to the quick read. While reading in the morning, before leaving for work, I was always able to squeeze in a few more chapters and still make it to work almost on time. It felt like an in-between book, both used for connecting the previous stories and for introducing the next book in the series. However, as I said above, I did like it. It is always enjoyable to meet up again with familiar characters and to see how they are doing. And a lot of new information was revealed about Fermin’s past as well as the circumstances around the death of Daniel’s mother. I do hope, however, that the 4th and last book in the series bears more similarity to the two previous ones.

 Ok, now it is time for more tea and reading. Just have to find my next book in my “To be read” pile first. Since it it not quite unlike this one in a cartoon on the infinite Curio you can imagine the job ahead of me.