I am sitting here, in front of my computer, eating mandarins while listening to some mellow jazz and trying to think of something to write. I do not feel like torturing my readers with more nightmares about my upcoming dentists visit, but the only other thing occupying my mind is the forbidden subject of Christmas, and I have promised myself to wait as long as possible before I start bombarding my readers with Christmas related posts. I feel like I have covered the subject of autumn in previous posts (how many posts can one write about staying at home during dark rainy days) and I have not finished reading any new books that I could review. I cannot tell you about any writing-in-progress since I am not currently writing anything much outside of my blog, preferring to get used to the simple act of writing before I approach the more daunting task of a novel. Of course my recent success at writing flash fiction has made me consider the possibility of attempting some short fiction as a step toward the massive novel writing project. We’ll see…

OK, this post is turning out to be quite pointless. I was hoping the act of writing would unlock some hidden room of inspiration within me but it appears those are all firmly shut today. May I blame my paralyzing fear of the dentist, and leave it at that?

To leave you with something after having persisted with me this far, hoping (against hope) that something interesting would appear at the end of the post, I will recommend a song that I think is perfect for the beginning of winter:

Lail Arad – Winter

Enjoy! And I promise to write something more interesting next time. But I do not promise that I will keep my promise (just in case I fail…).