Finally it is the first of December, which means I can start bombarding my poor readers with Christmas related posts. If you did not know it already I am a bit of a Christmas fanatic, and have been driving acquaintances crazy with talk about my favourite holidays already for months. But I did not dare put anything in writing before December, in case it would incur the wrath of the increasing number of people, who, quite reasonably, are upset by the Christmas-in-October phenomenon that is becoming so common of late.


This year the 1st of December also happens to coincide with what we in Finland call “little Christmas” (fin: Pikkujoulu, swe: Lilla jul). This day is traditionally celebrated on the Saturday that precedes the first of advent and tradition dictates that one puts up a miniature Christmas tree and give small Christmas presents. I have never actually celebrated little Christmas in the traditional fashion, but like to have a bit of glögg (Nordic mulled wine) and pepparkaka (Nordic style gingerbread or Ginger snaps) while listening to some Christmas music. The joint celebration of the beginning of December and “little Christmas” is also the perfect occasion to begin decorating for the Christmas season. What a joy to bring out my collection of tomte-figures and place candles around the apartment!

Candles and glögg