A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post – my very first, in fact – in which I promised myself – and my readers – that I would write a minimum of one post a week. And I have more than honoured that commitment by writing an average of 3.25 posts per week during October and November. But at the end of November my blog posting frequency diminished and I only managed to write two posts during the last week of November and this week has been blog-free until this moment.

Sitting on command is no problem for this super smart puppy
Sitting on command is no problem for this super smart puppy

What happened you might ask? Well you will find the answer in this post. Or I can just sum it up for you. A furry little German Shepherd, called Loki, moved into my home and turned it upside down. Incidentally, he also stole my heart. My home – my sanctuary – is transformed. Gone are the rugs, replaced by the occasional puddle of pee. My Snoopy slippers are under constant attack by sharp little teeth and puppy toys litter the previously uncluttered floor. But the most significant change is not to my home but to my life. My working hours are spent wondering how the little one is doing. I make an effort not to call too often, but especially during the first week I could not help myself but to give my boyfriend regular calls to check everything was OK. The calls usually went something like this:

Me: Hey, just wanted to check how you guys are doing.

Him: We’re doing good. We just went out and he did a pee-pee and a poo-poo. Isn’t he a good boy?

Me: Oh, he’s such a good boy! Tell him how proud I am of him! Give him a kiss from mummy!

Following the call I proudly tell my colleagues about my puppy’s toilet habits. A more general shift has also occurred in my topics of conversation. Previously my end of a casual coffee break chat would go something like this “….book ….read …. books … bookshop ….reading …. bookshelf … book …. books ….books …. books…”. The current trend is “puppy … puppy! …. puppy!! … puppy!!!”. What perplexes my colleagues is not so much my newly found interest in canine waste matter, but rather the fact that it took my boyfriend years to convince me that we should buy a dog in the first place (see my previous position on the topic here).

P1050383 P1050381

The point (in addition to telling you that my puppy is the cutest creature on earth) is to explain that once I come home in the evening I no longer have time for blogging. If I am not playing with Loki I might just spend my time watching him sleep, wondering what he is dreaming about, as his eyes flit from side to side and his paws twitch gently. And sometimes I dare to cautiously press my nose to that very softest of places at the back of his neck and smell his comforting puppy smell. Nose buried in puppy fur vs. blogging is not a close contest!

P1050376 P1050374

Anyway, now I have kept my promise, and it is time to go to sleep. The chance is big that   I will be woken around 5 o’clock by the whining of a puppy in the need of a pee. But luckily it is not my job to go out into the chilly December morning. My boyfriend has that task. He was the one who insisted on getting a puppy after all…