If you follow my blog regularly you might have noticed that I have improved the rate at which I post after a recent slump (explained here). The reason is that I am finally enjoying some rest in the form of Christmas holidays. Although, I have to admit I was hoping for a somewhat more restful experience than what I have been given until now. My puppy shares only a little of the blame for the hectic nature of the past week, the main culprit is Christmas – of course!

Rue Neuve pre-Christmas
Rue Neuve pre-Christmas. Looks festive but is exhausting

I do not have a busy social schedule, and even at Christmastime most people would not find it daunting. A party, a potluck-lunch at work and a secret Santa commitment took only some of my time. Most of it has been spent trying to find presents. I vividly remember a time when I used to enjoy Christmas shopping. I just cannot remember what I found enjoyable. Well, that is not completely true. I always loved buying presents for my mother. Because she did not have much she was always happy with anything she got. My father has always been much more difficult. He has enough money to buy anything I would give him without a second thought. Therefore the gifts must have a lot of thought behind them. These are the best kinds of gifts anyway, but unfortunately there is not much room left for thought in the throng of shoppers on Rue Neuve at Christmastime.

This year the most fun was buying presents for Loki, my puppy. I know that he will be happy with anything, and since it is his first Christmas he will not expect anything, and cannot be disappointed.

Anyway, I think my New Years resolution this year will be to write down Christmas gift ideas throughout the year. This includes ideas for what people could buy me. Every year before Christmas this conversation is repeated between me and my sister:

Me: “Soon dad will call and ask me what you might want for Christmas. Any ideas of what I could tell him?”

Sister: I have no idea… All I can think of are clothes, and I don’t trust him with that. What about you? He will call me to ask about a present for you.

Me: Er… erm… I don’t know! Let me think… hmmm… No I still don’t know…

As if it is not enough to have to worry about presents for others I have to stress about presents for me. In addition me and my sister have to come up with our father’s presents for us,  presents from our boyfriends to our father and his wife, presents from our father and his wife to our boyfriends, presents from our boyfriends to each other and presents from my boyfriend to her and her boyfriend to me. Not quite sure if that made sense at the end, but my point is that there are simply too many presents to worry about.

Why did it all get so complicated?

Luckily I managed to buy all my presents today, although not altogether successful ones, I fear. But it does leave me time for other Christmas preparations and some rest this week-end.

At least we have decorative lights to console us as we desperately seek those gifts
At least we have decorative lights to console us as we desperately seek those gifts