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And so another Christmas has passed and we move on to one of the best parts of the Christmas holidays. The post-Christmas lazy days when we recuperate from the hectic pre-Christmas weeks and eat lots of chocolate and leftovers. One of my colleagues is utterly perplexed at the thought that I would want to take a whole three weeks off work around Christmas and not go anywhere. No, I’m not planning to travel to Asia or Latin America. I will not learn how to rock climb, scooba-dive or sail a boat. I will just stay at home with my boyfriend and my puppy. It is not that I do not like travelling, but what I need in the middle of winter is a good long rest. And that will give me a bit of time to write on my blog.

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And I will begin by taking a look back at my puppy’s first Christmas:

Loki’s verdict on the Christmas tree:

  • Xmas tree8/10 for Deliciousness. Nice aromatic needles and it is green so it must be healthy. Two points subtracted for the disapproving atmosphere created by eating the tree.
  • 7/10 as a Good Spot for Peeing. Finally they brought the outside into the apartment so I don’t have to go into the rain every time I need to pee! Only 7 points because of how the noise level rises after my pee. Suddenly the apartment is filled with Noooo!’s.
  • 8/10 as a Source of Entertainment. It is even decorated with lots of fun toys that I can pull off and play with. How great is that! The only downside is that the toys keep moving back to the tree so that I need to get them all over again.
  • 10/10 for a cozy place to sleep and hide away. Lying under the tree is perfect. Nobody bothers me and there is a nice blanket between me and the cold floor.

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Loki’s verdict on the presents:

  • Loki's stocking10/10 for the rope. Nice colours and very good to bite. Also it was the only present that was wrapped. Auntie Sofia and Uncle Luk know how to give Christmas gifts!
  • 5/10 for the rings made of hide. Nice try but too hard for me. (Not wrapped)
  • 8/10 for the blue ring. Very nice to chew on but does not roll as well as my ball. Also, not wrapped!
  • 8/10 for the crunchy baby shoes. Very nice but a bit hard to eat comfortably. Again not wrapped…
  • 10/10 for the big bone. Nice strong smell and will last me for quite a while. Ok, not wrapped but actually the bone got 11/10 points.
  • Verdict postponed on the snacks that  have not yet been given.

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Loki’s verdict on the music

  • Don’t know what to say. Makes mummy dance around and sing happily. The happiness is fine − but please somebody make her stop singing!

Loki’s verdict on the food:

Please can I have some too…?

Loki’s verdict on Santa hats:

  • 0/10 for wearing them on your head
  • 6/10 for flavour and chewability

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