It is the last day of my holidays.

I wake up, and long to linger in bed, wrapped up in the comforting softness of my blanket. Tomorrow the alarm will break my dreams and drag me kicking and screaming from my slumber. I should enjoy this while I can.

But this is the last day of my holidays. I should not waste it by lying in my bed all day. I should take advantage of the hours of freedom that I have left.

I get up and have my breakfast while reading a book. I should make sure to read enough today, it is the final day of my holidays after all. And wasn’t that the plan; to read many books and eat a lot of chocolate?

But… wait a minute. What about my blog? I was going to blog a lot during my holidays and instead I barely wrote anything. Should I not try to write a good blog post while I still have enough time to devote to writing?

I stare at my blog. I go to Facebook. I clean away Christmas. I stare at my blog some more. I read a little and eat some chocolate. I clean some more and make some pasta sauce. I stare at the words at the top of my draft post and delete them. I try to buy something over the internet but it does not work. I return to the blog post.

It is the last day of my holidays. It is that last candy at the bottom of the bag that does not taste so good, because it is the only one left. There was always going to be too much pressure on this day, on this piece of candy, on that final kiss. The end is always bittersweet.