Once upon a time there was a girl in Finland, living a life of innocence and unknowing. The only mice she had ever seen, were her friend’s pet mice, Popcorn et al., and mushrooms were what you picked in the forest. Mice were adorable and furry, and mushrooms were to be eaten, although this particular girl never liked them much.

Fast forward several years, and we find her living in Brussels in an apartment infested with a whole host of Mickey’s and Minnie’s long lost cousins, plus a few generously sized mushrooms. The mice have little teeth that gnaw through her chocolate, and the mushrooms have hats that dangle on stems protruding from the wall.

She flees the apartment and buys a beautiful place that she loves dearly. Her very own piece of heaven. She decorates and makes it cozy, and lives her life in relative peace.

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Until one day…

They are back! The Mice and the Mushrooms followed her and settled comfortably in their new home. The mice, with their small pink noses and shivering whiskers, eye the left-over Christmas chocolate hungrily. The mushrooms, with their undernourished thin stems and over-sized hats, grow up in one day and die the next.

They never pay rent. They don’t say thank you. They lurk in corners and haunt her dark hours.

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