Ok, so I’m incredibly late with this post. The idea was to post about upcoming book related stuff at the beginning of each month, not after more than half of the month has passed. But, as is often the case, things did not go according to plan. In this instance it started with me beginning too late, and was further delayed by lack of inspiration for the title and too much work (in the real world, where I am not a writer and blogger, but an Event Coordinator).

The idea came to me when I was looking for books being published in 2013 (read about my 4 favourites here) and thought how useful it would be to have an update on books and literary events for every upcoming month. I figured that since I spend quite some time looking up this type of information on  a regular basis I might as well use it for my blog. 

Anyway, here is a look at what’s up in the world of literature in January. Hopefully February’s post will be more timely and more thoroughly researched. Meanwhile I would be happy to have feedback on what was useful and interesting and what I could leave out.

Literary Awards

Fairs & Festivals:

Books published

*When I specify the country of release (eg. UK release) this indicats that the book has been released elsewhere before. If nothing is indicated it is the first release of the book