Even after 16 years in Belgium snow and ice feel like home to me. Maybe it’s in my genes. Anyway, despite the outrageous workload this past week I have managed to enjoy the snow on my way to work, and when playing with my puppy in the week-end. 

The same outrageous workload is hindering any extensive blogging at the moment, but I thought I’d post some photos, while keeping an eye on how the latest snowfall is affecting travel to the conference I have organised for tomorrow (snow is my personal heaven but an event coordinator’s nightmare).

Snow in the park on my way to work:

Entering snowy Parc Leopold

Walking away in snow 1  Lamp post in snow  Walking away in snow 2

What really slowed me down when going to work was the ice. I think I had never realized how beautiful ice could be:

  Bird on ice   Two birds on ice

  Ice 2   Ice 1

And last but not least; snow is fun. Especially when you are a puppy!

Me and Loki in the snow

 Frisbee chewing in the snow   Nose in the snow   My little snow-face

Loki in snow