February has some good things in store for us bookworms. The month is a little short of exciting literary awards but in the US the National Book Critics Circle Award ceremony at the end of the month makes up for the lack of additional awards.

There are lots of Fairs and Festivals coming up around the world. Particularly interesting is the Irrawaddy Literary Festival which is the first literary festival ever organised in Burma/Myanmar. The programme features Aung San Suu Kyi and Jung Chan among others. Join me in wishing the best of luck to the organisers!

Looking into books that are being published just reminds me of how I should make sure to win the lottery and become a full-time reader. How am I ever supposed to read a fraction of what is  out there? In February one of my favourite authors, Nadeem Aslam comes out with a new book. But there are also lots of other books catching my attention. The First Book of Calamity Leek has aroused my curiosity since I cannot decipher what the book is about. The Healer is set in my childhood hometown Helsinki, and is a crime thriller taking place in an apocalyptic future. Another thriller with an interesting premise is Three Graves Full, in which two bodies are discovered in Jason Getty’s garden, but neither is the man he  buried there… In addition there is some world literature from Indonesia and China, what seems to be an intriguing time travel tale and a whole lot of other interesting books. And check out the cover of Dreams and Shadows (Gollancz edition); I am tempted to buy it for the cover alone!

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