Yesterday when cleaning my bookshelves I was yet again surprised by several of the books I found there. Where did all these books appear from? And more importantly, when will I have the opportunity to read them all?

When I bought my apartment 2 years ago I decided to limit my book-buying, to make sure I could keep up with the mortgage payments. Unfortunately this plan backfired due to the small print in the contract I made with myself. The clause responsible for the failure allows me to buy cheap and 2nd hand books. The result? I have been visiting the second hand bookstore, not buying the books that I really long to buy, but a whole bunch of other ones that I might read one day. Now when I am spending time with my books, a lot of strangers stare out from between the familiar spines.

After realizing this, one might think that I would modify my book purchasing behaviour. But no, this has not happened. Instead I “dropped-by” at Bouquinerie Thomas on my way home from work today, and came out with 9 new books. The 22,35 € I spent on these could have been spent on buying The Blind Man’s Garden by Nadeem Aslam which will be published on Thursday.

Of course in the end it all comes down to my borderline bibliomania (see all posts on my condition). I love buying books, irrespective of whether they will be read or not. This is quite sad since those books could find a better home than my shelf, where many of them will always remain strangers to me.