Today I’m celebrating the fact that this is my 50th post. I can’t believe I wrote so many posts already! It is 18 weeks since I began my blog, which means I have written an average of 2.78 posts per week, which is quite good, but definitely not as good as the 3.25 posts per week average I counted after November. My pace has slowed lately, for some inexplicable reason, and by now I feel I can’t even blame the puppy any longer (as I did in The Puppy excuse). I will try to do better in the future!

In itself, objectively speaking, the number 50 does not have any special meaning. The meaning is in its special relation to the number 100. Being at number 50 feels significant because it is halfway to the milestone of 100. While, in fact the number 100 is not in itself particularly important, outside of the meaning given to it by humans. The conclusion is that this post celebrates an in itself insignificant event.

This imaginary milestone gives me a reason to look back and take stock of my blog. Analysing the use of the “like” button, as well as the WordPress statistics, it seems that book related posts are the most popular, followed by posts about my puppy. This means that my readers have pretty good taste since there are not many things better in life than books and puppies. Although tea should be included in this list, I believe. There were a couple of posts that I enjoyed writing that did not really receive a lot of visits, such as Some thoughts as winter approaches (the title says it all) and Imagine Heaven, which deals with the grief I still feel about the loss of my mother.

Ok, enough analysing my blog for now. I will try to write another post soon.

P.S I’m proud of myself for resisting the temptation to give this post a 50 Shades… title.