This is the fast world

As the globe speeds up and spins into the dark of the universe, words speed across the oceans, seeing nothing of the journey. My love reaches you the moment I click send. Does the thought vanish as quickly as the message leaves my phone?

In cars, planes, trains, trams, buses and metros we rush through the world in a constant hurry to be somewhere else. We strive to be faster. Faster than we were before. Faster than the others. Life is about meeting the endless row of deadlines looming on the horizon. Soon we will be fast enough to reach the horizon itself.

This is the instant world.

News comes from everywhere, compressed into 140 characters or less. Attaches itself to my retina, but barely makes it to my brain before the next piece overshadows it. Life is a succession of instances that follow each other and chop my attention span into suitable bits. Life is a succession of bite-sized meals ready from the microwave.

This is the disposable world

What I love today is the garbage of tomorrow. What was once made to last is now made to be desired. The rejects pile up and make islands of plastic in the oceans. My love is not made to endure, but to fall prey to the next upgrade.

Life can always be upgraded. It can be made faster, smaller, cooler. Soon it is so fast that I cannot catch up, so small I cannot hold it, so cool it freezes and breaks. And I’m left empty-handed, wondering what it was I was chasing all this time.