Having a dog changes ones life in many ways. Once upon a time I spent my week-ends curled up in the sofa, with a cup of tea in one hand and book in the other. Nowadays I am trudging through mud, trying to avoid whatever precipitation the bleak Brussels skies are determined to throw at me. Because those puppy eyes cannot be denied…

There are many parks in Brussels, but Forest de Soignes is great when you feel like a forest rather than the wide expanses of lawns. We spent innumerable hours there this winter, and while I felt nostalgic about my lazy reading days, I did discover how beautiful the forest can be even in the winter.

In early January light snowfall created a hazy atmosphere during our walk.

snowy road Foret de Soignes  snowy road Foret de Soignes II  Loki on snowy road in Foret de Soignes

There is a lake in the Rouge Cloître area of the forest and, like one might expect, a lot of birds gather there to enjoy what the water gives them.

 Swan and ducks              Swans in sun


Moss gives some green to an otherwise wintry forest

Mossy tree trunks

And the road goes on and on…

Road 1   P1060397    Road 3

Road 4  Road 5  Road 6

The stems of bare winter trees create their own patterns

Winter tree stems Winter trees with pines in the background