A power struggle is taking place in the domain of the weather gods. The Ice-Cloaked King of Winter decided to extend his domain, and has occupied parts of the year formerly belonging to the Fair Lady of Spring. No flower fairies have sung to the trees and so, instead of petals, flakes of snow decorate the branches. But now the Sultry Maiden of Summer and the Moody Gentleman of Autumn have come to the aid of the Fair Lady, because without spring there is no summer, and without summer no autumn. As Summer and Autumn gather their allies, Winter puts on a final show, but rumour has it that he will be defeated and The Fair Lady will begin her work soon.

Meanwhile, we all curse the weather, except for one strange dog who was born in the final days of September, and has never known the delights of summer. He thinks there are two types of weather,  rain and snow, and he is in no doubt about his favourite.

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