March is at its end but spring is not yet in sight. Outside small leftovers of snow hide in forgotten corners and the decorative lakes in the park are covered in a thin layer of ice. I began the month feeling tired, imagining that by the time we reached April, the sun would have woken me from my winter slumber. But as I sit here, holding my tea-mug close for warmth, spring seems far away.

Feeling as tired as I do, have no energy for heavy reading, instead (as I wrote at the beginning of the month) I have been reading children’s/YA fiction. After The Hunger Games I read Mister Monday by Garth Nix. Of the books I read this month it is the one I enjoyed the least. Although the ideas are interesting and the book is filled with adventure, the read itself felt kind of boring. There are simply too many new things and too many action sequences. I enjoyed the next book a lot more. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke is the kind of book I would have loved as a child, filled with people who love books in the same obsessive way that I do. My final YA-read was Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn. This might have been my favourite of the books, were it not for the fact that the love story was so badly done. I was looking forward to the moment that the two main characters would meet, but when it finally happened it was a very unbelievable “love at first sight” story which left me disappointed.

It has been nice to read the entertaining and inventive books meant for people far younger than me. It brings me back to my childhood, when I devoured stories of mystery, magic and adventure, staying up late into the night to finish the story. I shared a room with my sister and could not light my bedside lamp for fear of waking her. Instead I used to sit on the window-sill, with my back to the window, reading by the orange light of the street-lights below. Nowadays, I rarely stay up late with a book, being too aware of the effect being tired will have on my work the following day. I miss those days of carefree irresponsibility, when magic was almost real and adventures just behind the corner.