The month may have began with jokes and hoaxes (one of them being this article by The Millions announcing Amazon’s purchase of the English language) but the following weeks will be spent in a more serious atmosphere as we await the announcement of the Pulitzer prize winners on 15 April. Meanwhile 6 female writers i Australia wait to hear which of them has won the first ever Stella prize.

A steady flow of fairs and festivals keeps the international literary calendar busy this month. My personal choice, if I had the possibility for long distance travel, would be the Bocals Lit fest in Trinidad and Tobago, but I admit that the continuing winter weather in these parts makes me partial to warm and sunny climes.

The book I most look forward to this month is Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, one of my favourite writers. I am planning to be patient, however, and wait until the paperback is released before purchasing a copy, both to save money and to get a comfortable copy to carry with me. But I might have to go to the closest bookstore for a browse one of these days…

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