During the night between Monday and Tuesday a thick blanket of grey moved to occupy the sky, and we found ourselves waking to an overcast day. The temperature was still pleasantly warm and I enjoyed the hushed stillness of the lake as I ate my breakfast. It was not going to be a day by the pool so we decided to head for the coast. We were planning to take some smaller roads but ended up in Figueres and continued from there to Roses. We thought we might take the coastal route from there to Cadaqués. By the time we reached the coast we had left the clouds behind us and could look over the sparkling sea.

At the sea

It was lunch time when we entered Roses so we stopped for some tapas before continuing our drive. Our stomachs filled with Patatas Bravas, meat and bread we went in search of the coastal road. Naturally we managed to get lost in the hilly suburbs of Roses, encountering one dead end after another while trying to leave the town. We finally found our way after a helpful resident noticed us peering over our map and offered directions. Knowing that Loki was impatient for exercise after the car ride and restaurant we stopped at the next roadside entrance to a path into the Cap de Creus Natural Park. The road had brought us further away from the sea and it was sweltering as we walked up the hillside. Loki’s excitement at being outside overcame his dismay at the infernal heat and he ran up the path with his tail in the air, happily sniffing the unfamiliar vegetation.

Loki at Cap De Creus Natural Park

The hillsides that had looked dry and uninviting from a distance turned out to be teeming with plant life. Yellow and purple flowers competed for attention between green shrubs. We admired the views for a while, but before long we had to turn back, the heat too much to bear.

Cap De Creus Natural Park

We decided to stop again as we neared the sea. 10 minutes later we encountered a path up to a hill promising a sea view. We walked up the path and there it was, bright blue and beautiful, sending a soft and refreshing breeze our way.

Sea view at Cap de Creus

islands in the distance

By the time we had our fill of the sea, it was getting late, and we decided to turn back. We still had to visit the Carrefour supermarket we had seen on our way to the coast, hoping a more familiar chain would provide for us better than the shops in La Jonquera. It did and we returned to the house feeling contented but tired. As usual the day ended with a barbecue and some silent contemplation of the lake, followed by some time by the open fireplace.


The fire