Loki by poolAfter our excursion to the coast on Tuesday we were in a mood for another lazy day on Wednesday. The day began grey, confirming our fears that the clouds had come to stay, but by 10 o’clock only light wisps remained in an otherwise bright sky. So another day by the pool beckoned. As the sun climbed higher in the sky the temperature soared, and finally I braved the pool again. This time I was happily surprised. The water was still cold but the icy shock was missing as I dove in. After a few laps I forgot the cold and begun to enjoy the water. I am not a particularly good swimmer but I enjoy short distances, which is all that was possible in this rather small pool. I love the feeling of water around my body, its soft resistance as I push myself forward, its gentle caress as I slice through it. And with an empty pool like this one you can hear the sound of each stroke you make, and the clucking of the water as waves hit the edges of the pool. It is not quite as nice as an evening swim in a quiet lake, but far preferable to busy hotel pools which is what I have been experiencing mostly in the past few years.

In the afternoon the clouds started moving in again and I decided to do some writing. But a certain furry member of my family was of the opinion that the laptop was getting an unwarranted amount of attention. What had it done to deserve my love, except stand there, a silent plastic square, while Loki could offer an adorable furry face and an expertise in fetching toys?

Writing in Darnius    Being distracted   Loki wanting to play

After dinner that evening it began raining. Dark clouds had snuck up on us from the mountains and were now gently falling upon the valley in soft drops of water. In no time the garden was filled with the refreshing scent of wet vegetation. I stood still for a long time, breathing in the air and listening to the song of birds mingling with the whisper of rain on leaves. Slowly the larger mountains in the distance disappeared in a grey haze and fluffy white clouds started creeping in through mountain passes. As darkness fell one cloud appeared to settle down for a rest in the next valley. It was bedtime.

Rain in Darnius

Dark clouds in Darnius