After another prolonged spell of cold rainy weather the sun graced us with its presence this week-end. This gave me and my boyfriend the opportunity to finally introduce Loki to a lovely place in the Ardennes, The Ninglingspo Valley.

Ninglingspo; a funny name for a beautiful stream. I did some research about the name and a Google search revealed that the origin of the name is a mistake made by French cartographers who, in 1876, mixed up the stream with the place where it joins with the river Amblève. This spot was called En Inglin Spau, the Source of Ingling, after Ingling, the person who owned the land where the stream entered the river.

The walk along the Ninglinspo is one of the most beautiful ones that I have experienced in Belgium. It is a world away from the noise and pollution of Brussels. Under the spring-green canopies the world itself is green, with speckles of light filtering through.


While walking along the stream water is a constant and pervasive presence. The sound of the stream is inescapable. And the stream itself seems to come from everywhere, smaller baby streams running from every side. At one point even the path we were walking along turned into a stream.

P1070740  P1070757  P1070805

Because of the omnipresent water there are small bridges to help walkers cross the stream when needed. These bridges are not wide, usually just a tree trunk split legthwise…


… and Loki did not think he could make it so he took the route through the water.


A word of warning for prospective visitors; there are not bridges at all crossings, so bring water-proof hiking boots. Good shoes are essential in any case, since there are some tricky places in the path.

The Ninglingspo is not a slow peaceful stream trudging along at a leisurely pace, but a lively and capricious one, with lots of little waterfalls.

P1070751  P1070796  P1070829

… and here is Loki enjoying the refreshing spray while searching for his stick

P1070861  P1070860  P1070858

But the Ninglingspo has a changeable character and sometimes the water slows down for a well deserved rest.