This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge challenged us to use a feature on WordPress, this time the possibility to add several pages to a blog post. 

The background to my post is the fact that I am consistently late for work. This is not as bad as it sounds, since we have flexible working hours, but I have always counted myself among the people arriving at 9.00, and that is no longer the case. I cannot blame public transport since I use my own two feet to get tow work. All I have to do is make sure I leave at 8.30 on the dot…


Step 1: Ignore alarm


7.00 Alarm rings

When my Lumia Bodyclock begins emitting shrill birdsong at 7 o’clock, I am not happy. This is possibly the worst moment of my day. During my day I am bound to encounter at least one of the following: stress (work related and personal), rain, unhappy people, annoying people, mean people (also good people, but that is not relevant here), but nothing compares to the cruel and inconsiderate way the alarm drags me out of my dream and into real life. No wonder I do not have the courtesy to do as it asks, and get out of bed. Instead I turn it off and return to sleep. Next…


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