Back in the day when me and my boyfriend were disagreeing about the idea of getting a dog, I was against buying a dog (see this post), and more specifically against buying a German Shepherd. If we were to get a dog it would have to be a smaller one, I argued, since my apartment simply could not accommodate a large breed like a German Shepherd. But my boyfriend specifically wanted a large dog. If he could have got hold of a direwolf from Game of Thrones, that would probably have been his pick, but that not being an option a German Shepherd was the next best thing.

Direwolf vs Loki

Grey-Wind-Robb-direwolf-grey-wind-30440258-500-396     P1060155

My boyfriend expected a large, strong brave dog. What he got was Loki, a gentle undersized German Shepherd, who runs away from even the smallest dog if he thinks his stick is under threat, and suckles his favourite toys for comfort. Loki very rarely growls and his most common mode of communication is not barking but whining.


Some Loki wisdom:

  1. Never surrender the stick. Unless someone promises to throw it.
  2. Following from 1. Run!
  3. Block the kitchen doorway. You never know what might fall when people stumble over you.
  4. Don’t give up. If you put the saliva covered ball in people’s lap often enough they are bound to throw it.
  5. Help keep the floor clean by drinking water and then running around dripping it all over the place. It is very much appreciated!
  6. When you hear the shower, HIDE!
  7. Learn to use those puppy-eyes for best effect. Nobody will be able to resist you!