Greetings from Finland! To my joy my aunt Pirkko has joined the 21st century and has WiFi  so I managed to participate in this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You. The challenge is to give a recipe for oneself, and you will find the result below.

I have been taking notes during my stay in Finland and will try to post something about my travels soon, but with so many relatives around it is hard to get a moment for oneself.

Baking me

A recipe for Matilda


A handful of introversion
some loquaciousness for contrast
a bit of kindness
and a dash of tetchiness

A pinch of procrastination
mixed with a good doze of laziness
and 3 tablespoons of absentmindedness

A generous ladleful of self-doubt
with a splash of debilitating indecisiveness

A cupful of empathy
with a dollop of fair-mindedness

Bibliomania and tea-addiction in equal measure
and a weak spot for puppies, thrown in for sweetness


For this recipe to work please stir ingredients gently, allow to rise in a cozy room, bake in the warmth of comforting hugs and let cool in some personal space.

The successful outcome should be sweet and soft but with some bitterness for the more discerning taste-bud. Do not worry about the mysterious crunchy bits, they are perfectly normal.