On 14 July I landed in Finland, sometimes called the land of a thousand lakes. The map above might give you an idea why.

Going to Finland means a busy schedule:

Monday 15 July 2013: 4h25 by train to Kuopio, to visit my aunt Sirkka
Wednesday 17 July 2013: 3h45 by train to my family’s summer home in Kokkola
Saturday 20 July 2013: 4h22 by train to Turku, to visit my god son Viljam
Monday 22 July 2013: 1h58 by train to Helsinki, my hometown
Sunday 28 July 2013: Flight back to Finland

If I calculate correctly this makes 14h30 on trains. It is lucky that trains are one of my favourite modes of transport…

Next Kuopio.