This post is written in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write. The topic to explore was health, and since I have never had any physical health problems, I decided to focus on mental health. My first attempt was an essay, but I soon got stuck. I was simply not able to write about my own experiences honestly. Maybe I am not quite ready for that yet? In any case, I ended up transforming my thoughts into a poem instead.


Brokenif I was not broken who would I be?

the landscape of my life
is craggy and hostile

life shattered
re-made with clumsy fingers
the angles are all wrong
shards are missing
illusions gone forever

life never made any promises
so why the expectation?

who would I be?
if I was whole
if I had sun-kissed skin and a bouncy ponytail
and a soul to match

if I had not witnessed the darkest side of those I loved
the boundless anger
the despair
the wish to die

if I had not been lied to
by the one person I should be able to trust

who would I be?