And so I’m moving again. The 11th time I move in my life, making for an average of a bit less than 3 years per home. Having bought my current apartment, rather than renting like before, I had expected to stay somewhat longer than 2 years, but life does not always turn out the way you planned.

I bought the apartment as one way to assert my newly found independence, after a painful break-up with my boyfriend of 9 years. I was going to live my own life, on my own terms, in my very own place. But break-ups do not always last as long as one expects them to, and soon Boyfriend was back and a year later a puppy joined our little family.

Ok, maybe a German Shepherd in a 65m² apartment was not the smartest idea we have had, but with lots of love and plenty of exercise we thought it would work out. And things were going well, until we got in trouble with our neighbours. Things with our downstairs neighbour came to a head when my boyfriend gave Loki a carrot one morning, thinking this would keep the energetic puppy calm and quiet for a little while. The dog was contentedly chewing on his carrot at 6.30 in the morning when the downstairs neighbour banged on the ceiling, put on the radio at maximum volume and finally came to our door shouting and pushing my boyfriend. I guess the isolation between our apartments was worse than we thought…

No sooner had we received the wonderful news that our downstairs neighbour was moving out when the couple one floor above us began complaining about the dog. This time the problem was a little more complicated. The woman is pregnant and allergic to dogs, and she objected to the fact that our dog was taking the elevator. I talked to her and explained that our vet had said Loki should not take the stairs before the age of one, since this might contribute to him getting hip dysplasia later. As a compromise we agreed that we would clean the elevator once a day. I thought the situation had been amicably resolved. But apparently the couple did not feel the same. Without further warning they became hostile and aggressive,  first threatening, then calling the managing agent of the apartment and even the police. I am not quite sure who of us was right in the first place, but in the end the situation escalated in a manner that made it impossible to reconcile.

I have never liked conflict and always prefer to back down. In this case move away. I have been told that it is stupid of me to leave the apartment that I own for a rental place, but I value my peace of mind more than many other things in life, and prefer to leave rather than live in the same building with hostile neighbours. On the positive side our new apartment has a small garden where we can play with Loki. So it will all be good, as long as I manage the move. Or that is what I think today. Because as I said, life does not always turn out the way you planned.

No one knows tomorrow…