Firstly I want to apologize for the long break I took from blogging. And I cannot blame my novel or a holiday; I did it out of pure laziness. Perhaps it is the onset of winter with its short dark days and grey weather, but I have been feeling very tired lately. So I decided to give myself a little break, and not blog if I did not feel like it. But, well after more than two weeks I thought it was time to get back to the keyboard.

As you might guess it has been an uneventful two weeks with lots of time in bed, reading or watching TV. But this Saturday my boyfriend’s best friend and his wife were coming to our place for the day. As usual my boyfriend went over the top with the shopping. We did not cook particularly fancy food, just some nice home made soup. But in addition to making 8 litres of soup my boyfriend got three types of bread and 14 types of topping. He also bought 4 kinds of chips, M&Ms, Maltesers and an apple cake. In the morning he took out the dog early, cleaned the apartment and drove off to pick up our friends who live in another town and would have needed two trains a metro and a tram to get here.

While my boyfriend was gone Loki was lying sadly in the hallway staring at the door. After some time I got him in from the hall and closed the door, since I knew the wife is scared of dogs and thought it would help her to enter in peace. Unfortunately it did not help. When she saw Loki she went right back out again and we spent the next 45 minutes trying to get her to come in while she was chain-smoking nervously outside in the cold. We suggested many options. Firstly, that we would temporarily lock the dog in the bedroom so that she could enter the apartment and go into our garden. Then we could at least speak to her, and she could observe the dog through the glass and decide if she dared to come in. When that did not work we suggested to lock Loki out in the yard for the duration of their visit. We told her tales of Loki’s gentle nature and his fear of the vacuum cleaner and squeaky toys. But nothing worked. Finally my boyfriend drove them back home and we were left with enough soup and bread to feed us for a week and a arsenal of chips and sweets to permanently kill my attempts at dieting.

I’m not scared of dogs but the idea of fearing them does not seem that strange to me. Dogs do have large teeth and if Loki wanted to he could easily do lots of harm. Being scared of a German Shepherd makes more sense than the fear I have for the harmless little spiders in my home. But when a closed door is not enough to keep the fear at bay, the fear begins to seem rather more irrational, like the fear my boyfriend has for high places, even with a sturdy fence as protection. Extreme fear of dogs is called cynophobia, and its is quite common, although not as common as fear of snakes or spiders. And it is quite debilitating considering the number of dogs one can find in most inhabited areas. Well, at least those who fear large dogs with scary teeth always have the comfort of being less silly in their fear than those of us who are scared of tiny vulnerable creatures, just because they happen to have 8 legs.

But how anybody can be scared of Loki is still beyond me…