December is a great month for book-lovers, or at least for those who have friends and relatives who understand us. Because people who really know us know that what a book-lover wants to find under a tree is lots and lots of books.

It is not a great month for the literary calendar, however. As any event organiser knows, December is tricky when planning events. People spend so much of their free time on preparing for Christmas, they do not have time to attend events. Hence, there are not many major awards in December, and the two book fairs are taking place in countries where Christmas does not dominate the entire month. As for books being published, the calendar is even more meager. December is not about publishing books but about making sure the books published during the year make it under the tree.

So, don’t expect a lot of exciting news this month, but make sure to curl up with a good book during the chilly winter months!

Literary Awards

Fairs and festivals

  • 4-14 December 2013: Doha International Book Fair
  • 6-19 December 2013: Beirut International Book Fair