Almost two weeks have passed since I last posted anything, and the latest post did not require much work on my side. It has not been my intention to neglect my blog, but work has got in the way. The downside of taking holidays is the fact that they merely postpone the work that needs to be done to a later date, leaving one drowning in emails upon one’s return. Between the long hours at work and the time spent entertaining my attention-hungry dog, not much time has been left for writing.

Unfortunately, no improvement is in sight for my working hours, as I have 10 events to organise during the next two weeks. The situation is further complicated by the fact that I am taking another two and a half days off next week. A colleague has invited me and a few other colleagues for a stay at his mountain cabin in Norway, and while I am skiing, the remaining colleagues will have to deal with three events in my absence. And my return to work on Monday will begin with a breakfast event, requiring me to be at work at 7:30.

But, as long as I forget about my work, I should be able to enjoy real winter for a few days, which I am looking forward too. In Brussels trees have become confused about the seasons and begun flowering, which says a lot about the weather conditions here. Meanwhile in Geilo, where I am heading, they are currently promising -20°C (-4°F) for Thursday, my first full day there. That is a difference of 30°, so I should expect some difficulties acclimatising. But I am from Finland, so I will need to seem cool about the weather, not to ruin my image. Well, keeping cool should not be a problem!

Here is a picture of where I will be heading. It should be able to take my mind off work, don’t you think?

Norway cabin