As the year progresses things begin to happen in the literary world, as apparent in the March calendar of awards and festivals. In the US the National Book Critics Circle Awards are being handed out and in the UK the first ever winner of the Folio prize is being announced. This new prize is a reaction against books being awarded for readability rather than excellence, and is open to writer’s of any nationality who are writing in English. 

As usual the list of upcoming novels is long and it is difficult to pick the books that seem most exciting. As expected there is lots of excitement about Teju Cole’s upcoming novel, although it is not a new one, but a older novel re-discovered in light of his more recent rise in fame. There are also novels being published by Siri Gustvedt, Emma Donoghue and Karl Ove Knausgaard. Personally, I am currently in the mood for some good crime fiction (tends to be the case when I am stressed at work) and was drawn to some books in that genre. The Boy That Never Was by Karen Perry (Paul Perry and karen Gillece) promises to be a lyrical thriller, The Investigation by Korean writer Jung-Myung Lee a beautiful war-time mystery and Louise Welsh’s A Lovely Way To Burn, is a crime novel set in a dystopian future.

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