Tuesday 22 July 2014

Tuesday morning dawned bright and clear, but for once we did not wake up before 10 o’clock. The long sleep combined with some work related dreams left me quite drowsy, so I took my time getting out of bed.

The breakfast on the terrace would have been perfect had it not been for the wind which even managed to cool my tea in record time. Since the tea was not very good in the first place (my fault for experimenting with an unknown brand) this was quite upsetting. So was the fact that the weather took a turn for the worse during our breakfast. By the end it was not only overcast, but rain began falling. We retreated inside where I made another cup of barely passable tea.

While we waited for the weather to improve we poured over maps, discussing what we could do. But in the end the lateness of the day and our lazy mood led us to stay around the house. Instead of driving to another town we waited for the weather to improve and walked down to the Fontaulière again. As usual Loki was excited about playing in the water.

P1100663 P1100676 - Copy P1100664

After the water games we followed the path further up the mountain. The mountain was covered by a dense foliage and together with the moss growing on rocks and trees it P1100646created a world that was green through and through. It is as if the very air had a green hue. For most of the time trees would block the view of the valley but the occasional glimpses we had were beautiful. It was quite an exhausting trek and we discussed turning back, but at every bend in the road our curiosity got the better of us. That is the thing about mountain roads, the curves make them addictive for curious travellers. As we were walking through what appeared to be wilderness we began coming across signs of habitation. Suddenly a garden hose was lying in the grass like a motionless snake. When we arrived at a small rural house we decided that it was time to turn back. If someone was living all the way out here they probably valued their peace and quiet.


That afternoon the weather was finally good enough for me to do some sunbathing. So after a cup of tea (still no success) and a piece of cake I took my book and lay down in the sun. The wind was a little chilly, but in comparison to sunbathing in scorching heat this was pleasant. In case you do not know me well, I am not a fan of excessive heat, and Loki agrees with me on this one. He even found this rather  cold day too hot and lay down in the shade with his toy elephant.


Once the warmth of the sun lost the battle against the chill of the wind we retreated inside and barbecued some sausages in the fireplace (Yes, we love the fireplace!). After filling my stomach I put on a sweater and did a bit of writing on the terrace. As I was typing away a family came up the road, to the edge of the yard. They asked for “Le petite village, Les Grisières“. I would hardly call this collection of houses a village but waved my hand over my kingdom and told them this was it. They told me they were looking for a specific house. I pointed them in the direction of the stairs which led to what might pass as the main street if this were indeed a village (see previous post). They took some steps inwards and exclaimed happily that they had found what they were looking for. Then they disappeared in between the houses. I never found out what they had come for. Although quaint and charming Les Grisières is hardly a tourist attraction… 

We continued being lazy for the rest of the day. In our desperation for continued lazyness we even made the oven work, so that we could warm up the frozen pizzas intended for our first evening. The day before we had figured out why the oven did not heat. It was a gas oven and we had been treating it like an electric one, imagining that turning on the heat would be enough. But we still struggled with getting the gas running. It turned out that we did not quite know how to overcome the childproof function, which is impressive for two people over the age of 30. Well, finally we got over our disability with regard to more primitive technology, and ate our beef-chicken-pepperoni pizzas in front of the fireplace.