September is not the month for Awards, but writers of minority origin might have something to look forward to, with an award handed out to Indigenous writers in Australia at the beginning of the month, and African American writers awarded towards the end of the month.

What September lacks in terms of Literary Awards it more than makes up for with Fairs and Festivals. The 29 in my list do not cover all of them, but should give some idea of the multitude of events on offer.

When it comes to books that are going to be published this month my head can only fit one name: David Mitchell! If I would have to pick a favourite author he would be the one, and I cannot wait for his latest novel, The Bone Clocks, which will be released tomorrow. But for those of you who do not share my enthusiasm for Mitchell, there are plenty of other books to look forward to. One that caught my attention was Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel, which seems like a fascinating take on the dystopian novel.

Happy reading everyone!

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