October is the month for the Nobel Prize for Literature, and as usual there is a lot of guessing going on about potential winners without much basis in fact. Because what fact could one rely on when it comes to the proceedings of the notoriously mysterious Nobel Committee? Even the date of the announcement is kept secret until the last moment.

This is a dark and rainy month for those of us who live in the north, which might be why we have decided to organise many literary festivals to entertain us. Canada hosts two big ones this month, Vancouver Writers Fest and Toronto International Festival of Authors. And of course this is also the month for the biggest book fair in the world, the Frankfurt Book Fair. 

As usual a lot of new books are competing for our attention. Fancy a tale about the attempted assassination of Bob Marley (A Brief History of Seven Killings, Marlon James)? Or Michael Faber’s latest book about a missionary’s extraordinary journey (The Book of Strange New Things)? Or perhaps you would like to travel into a strange far distant future in William Gibson’s The PeripheralWell, whatever you enjoy, I wish you a good month of reading!

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