My inspiration fled and hid in at the bottom of a well somewhere. That is what happened. 

You might have noticed the infrequent posts, but what you have not seen is the aborted efforts in the back end of my blog. Among others there are a couple of drafts about autumn, one about a documentary I saw recently and another about the caffeine levels in tea. I do try, but tapping my fingers on keys seems only to produce clunky boring text, wholly unfit for my precious blog.

I think the problem is that I broke the promise that I made in my first post, and once broken there was nothing to stop me breaking it again. The promise was to write at least once a week. The fact that I had to write every week forced me to practice, which made writing so much easier. Sometimes I really had nothing to say but wrote anyway, such as Sorry! No Inspiration and A pointless little post. Writing these types of meaningless posts also lowered the barrier and did not make me feel I had to be a creative genius with every post. But then, around a year ago I stopped posting every week and after that my posting frequency has been going downhill.

Of course this has been coupled with other things such as my helpless addiction to TV series. Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey, Orange is the New Black, I devour them and many others. I know I should be writing. I know in the end it is what will make me happier, but the lazy part of me just cannot get enough of TV. While at work I might be planning a productive evening at home, but once I step into the apartment the sofa beckons and I am to feeble to resist. 

But I promise that from now on I will do better. And Autumn is a good time to start since I am far more inspired by turbulent skies and gloomy days than by cheerful sunshine and tedious blue above.

Phew… I wrote more than 300 words. Not words worth savouring and not words worth keeping, but better than nothing. And you will hear from me again soon. I promise!