On my second day in Dublin I got to into town somewhat later, but the city was still buzzing with life. Unfortunately I had no time for tea but made my way, with some detours, towards the Mercantile Hotel, where we had been invited for a party. The detour took me past the Gaiety Theater, where the Grease musical was opening, and the Christ Church Cathedral.

P1110051  P1110052P1110053

Getting in to the Mercantile took longer than expected, especially since my colleague and I could not get hold of each other (his telephone broke and my telephone is not smart enough to pick up on his Facebook messages) and by the time we entered I was feeling more like food than drink.

I spent a few hours chatting to some entrepreneurs while feeling increasingly hungry, until I saw that the guys at the neighbouring table had a box of pizza. We asked them about the pizza and they said we could bring our own food into the bar. I immediately took my coat and headed out where I spied a pizza place across the street. I bought myself a pizza with pepperoni, peppers, garlic and cherry tomatoes and returned to the Mercantile. But the guard at the door would not let this wee lass inside with her pizza. So, I left the pizza in the care of some guys on the terrasse, and went back inside to tell my colleague that I had had enough and was heading back to my hotel. Then I took my pizza back to where I bought it and ate it there, before starting the walk back to the hotel.

Luckily my usually accurate sense of direction betrayed me, and I ended up walking in the opposite direction to where I planned to go. I realised this quite quickly but by then I had seen that a river lay straight ahead so I continued on the wrong path. After all, if I wanted to see the river Liffey this was my last chance before my return to Brussels the next day. Besides with my stomach full of pizza I felt remarkably good and did not mind some late-night sight seeing.

P1110067 P1110101

 After admiring the river around Ha’penny bridge I began making my way home. The city had begun calming down somewhat but the Dublin buses kept running. I cannot tell you how many times during this trip I tried to take a picture of some beautiful facade only to have a bus trundle into my view. This is until I realised that to faithfully capture Dublin one must let a bus enter the picture once in a while.

P1110128 P1110138

From between the Houses of Parliament and Trinity College I continued onto Grafton street. In Dublin the upcoming Christmas season was already visible and I admired the lights and decorated windows while I walked. A street musician was singing Dido’s Thank You in the almost deserted street and the cleaning trucks had left trails of fresh smelling foam on the pavement.


St Stephen’s Green was as dark as ever. I said goodbye to the shadowy trees that I had circled every time I came into town, without ever being able to see what lay at the interior of the park. Perhaps next time I visit I will see Dublin by daylight.