And so another Christmas has passed, with all its stress and joy.  I ran around the city centre with bags of presents weighing me down. I lit candles and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. I ate deliciously rich and heavy food with my family. And now I feel contentedly lazy.

Xmas tree 2014There were some firsts this year. To begin with it was the first time in my life that I ordered a Christmas tree online. Since we no longer have a car, it seemed the easiest way to get one. But after years of choosing a tree myself, it was nerve wrecking to wait for a previously unseen tree to be delivered. When the tree finally arrived, it was not so much disappointing as overwhelming, as it proceeded to occupy half my living room obscuring the view of the TV from most of the sofa. It was so big that I was worried I would not have a large enough assortment of baubles and tinsel to decorate it. But the real setback came when I pulled out my two sets of Christmas tree lights from their boxes. It turned out they were both broken! A Christmas tree without lights is not a Christmas tree at all, so I stripped the fairy lights off my bookshelf and wrapped them around the tree, but, alas, they only covered the lower branches! So there was nothing for it but to venture out to buy new lights. Luckily they sell lights at Casa, a home decoration store close to my place. I bought two sets just in case. One with 40 lights and another with 120 lights. That should do it, I thought, but to my dismay the 120 light set was broken from the start. So I had to do with 40 lights in addition to the bookshelf set. In the end the tree is somewhat lacking in both lights and decorations, but quite pretty in spite of this.

Knitting 2014The second first this year was that I gave some self made presents. Usually I throw money into the presents, to make my loved ones feel special and appreciated, but this year I knitted scarves. I am only a beginner knitter, having been taught last year by Matt, my boss at work. I began with a scarf for my sister (and best friend in the world) Sofia, (knitting out of the blue and brown wool to the right in the picture) using this pattern, but for a plain scarf (not infinity). Buoyed by my success I continued by knitting scarves for my stepmother and two half-sisters. I used these patterns: One row handspun scarf (definitely not handspun in my version), Blue Basketweave Scarf (without the fringe) and Dragon Scale Keyhole Scarf (without the keyhole). Of course some set backs slowed me down and in the end I was up until 1h30am on the final night, frantically knitting away. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my amazing creations, although perhaps it is not so unfortunate after all, since, amazing as they are, they do not resemble the original patterns all that much.

Well, now I am quite happy that Christmas has passed, leaving me at home munching on the leftover chocolate, cookies and cake, while reading the books I found under the tree. Time to stop blogging and get back to The Rise and Fall of Great Powers by Tom Rachman…

…But wait. One last thing, in case you did not get the awful title of this post. Needles, as in the needles on my Christmas tree and the two needles I need for knitting. Yes, pretty lame, I admit..