Yesterday started out rainy but during the day the rain turned into sleet, with large heavy flakes falling thick and fast. The first flakes were absorbed by the puddles, but soon the whiteness gained the upper hand and began to cover the dark shiny streets. In the evening the weather turned colder and what started out as wet slush turned into ice and frozen snow. 

Loki in January 2013

Loki was born at the end of October 2012, a few months before one of the snowiest winters I have know in Belgium. His puppy days were full of playing in the snow, and he was not happy when it melted away, although it returned again in March that year. But last year was utterly snowless. Not a single flake floated down (there were some rumours of sleet one evening, but I never saw any). I waited and waited and finally went to Norway for my snow, but Loki did not get to have any winter fun. 

But today we woke to a proper winter wonderland. The the way to the park varied between the treacherous sidewalks, covered in frozen slush, and open patches covered in white powdery snow. We made our way cautiously over slippery streets and even Loki was more careful than usual. But once he reached the fields of snow there was no stopping him.

 20141228_112142 20141228_111828 20141228_112146 20141228_112218

In the park the trees were dressed up in their best winter attires and the snow glittered in the bright sunshine.

20141228_11495720141228_120719 20141228_120821

Loki did not notice too much of the winter beauty, with his focus on the ground or any sticks sailing over his head, but he enjoyed winter in other ways; his nose buried in the deliciously icy snow, his mouth full of melting crystals and his paws whipping up clouds as he raced through the winter grounds. And in the end he was more than satisfied with the day.