Once upon a time I decided to write at least one post per week. I kept that promise for about a year and nowadays the only rule I manage to follow is to write at least one post between every Bookworms Month Ahead post, which comes on the first day of the month. Since the month is nearing its end and time is running out I need to write something. So here is a post about some random things in my life lately. 

One of the reasons I have not written in the past few weeks is that I have had a lot of pain in my left arm. Probably a pinched nerve or something. This came at an unsuitable time since things finally calmed down at work, and I would have had more time to write. But typing with one hand is so maddeningly slow that it drives me crazy. My flow of thoughts has moved on too far by the time I finish a sentence. I did think that my arm was better but then I decided to take a free yoga lesson offered near my office and the inner peace and new-found suppleness came at the cost of a painful arm.

On the upside I have been developing the plot of one of the novels I am writing, so perhaps now that my arm is beginning to heal (once again) I can try to put some of that on paper.

I had a unexpected peaceful moment two days ago when walking home from work. I turned into a street leading to a supermarket on a very busy street. I had never taken that particular route to the store. Suddenly everything grew quiet. I could not hear the traffic which must have been rushing by only a few hundred metres away. It was a cold grey early evening with a light misting of rain. It is the kind of weather I usually dislike, but in that moment it was perfectly peaceful. Everything was enveloped in the same equalising greyness. There were no sharp details or garish colours to attract attention. And in that peaceful nothingness the only sound was the rhythmic clicking of my heals on the pavement.

For some reason that moment has stayed with me, which is why I wrote about it, although it is unlikely to be of much interest to anyone. I just like the way that one sometimes finds peace in the most unlikely moments.