On Thursday I woke up only at 10 and headed to Mür Café for my breakfast again. Afterwards I wandered around the neighbourhood, not daring to stray too far since Esther was picking me up from my hotel after her doctor’s appointment.

Esther picked me up around lunch time and took me and my bag back to her place, where I would stay for the next two days. For lunch she cooked us some delicious seabass, preceded by salmorejo and jamón. Afterwards we spent a few hours lazying about at her pool, although I did swim quite a bit too. It was nice to relax a bit after walking about 20 km the day before.

As temperatures cooled we headed into town, this time to Chueca, a neighbourhood popular among Madrid’s gay community. We enjoyed a glass of wine at the rooftop terrace of Mercado San Anton, a cool modern take on the indoor market. Afterwards we walked slowly in the beautiful evening sun to the restaurant Saporem, where I ate morcilla and banana croquettes, followed by pear ravioli and a dessert of oreo, mascarpone and strawberry.

After the meal, with our stomachs full to bursting, we walked slowly towards the bus stop. When we reached it we decided to walk a bit further before getting onto a 45 minute bus ride. So we walked along Calle Gran Via and Calle de la Princesa talking about our lives, the way that one talks after a a good meal and some glasses of alcohol.