Here I am again trying to write something while my level of inspiration is at -10 and even my fingers feel cold and reluctant to do their dance over keys. I came home from walking the dog two hours ago but I still feel frozen to the bone. That is what a Belgian winter day can do to you. Stepping out of the door I was not greeted by gentle flakes of snow but cold sideways rain. The dog was quite unconcerned and ran happily through the hateful weather, turning back occasionally to peer at my sad hunched shape through the rain as if to say: “What is taking you so long?”. But after more than an hour even Loki’s upbeat posture began sagging from the relentless onslaught. As we neared home he tried to rub his head dry on my jeans with no success; at this point my jeans were drenched through and through.

Anyway, the rain is unlikely to be the reason for my lack of inspiration. I actually find bad weather a lot more inspiring than sunshine. Give me a dark and stormy night anytime, as long as I can sit inside with a cup of tea instead of trudging though the misery behind a crazy dog. My inspiration has slowly abandoned me during the past couple of years and I am left wondering if 2012 with my excited scribbling of 2-3 blog posts per week was just a fluke. On the other hand I tried NaNoWrimo last November and, although I did not finish, I managed to cobbled together a whole 20.000 words in less than two weeks which is promising. So maybe all hope is not lost yet for my writing!