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Autumn colours in the countryside

When even autumn cannot coax inspiration out of me I know that my creativity really is hiding far out of reach. But unfortunately that is the situation right now. So instead of words I give you some pictures of the colourful landscapes in my neighbourhood and let them speak for themselves. Continue reading “Autumn colours in the countryside”

A Bookworms Month Ahead: October 2015

I am writing from a train on my way back from Paris where I have been since Thursday, first organising a conference and then visiting a friend. That is why I am late yet again with this update on the world of literature.

October is the month of big literary awards, with the winners of the Man Booker, Nobel and Neustadt awards announced, but there are also plenty of fairs and festivals to keep literature enthusiasts busy. On the publishing front I am particularly excited by the arrival of another David Mitchell novel merely a year after the last one. This little novel grew out of a twitter story he wrote. Continue reading “A Bookworms Month Ahead: October 2015”

How to deal with those non-readers in your home?

Not everybody enjoys reading, so inevitably some of us of us bookworms have to share our lives and homes with non-readers. In my case these non-readers are my boyfriend and my dog. Both of them are equally uncomprehending of my need to spend at least some time every single day with my nose buried in a book. Both of them are unwilling, or unable, to listen to my very valid arguments. While my boyfriend has made some thinly veiled threats involving the words fire-kindling, my dog actually took action and ate my copy of Tolkien’s “The Two Towers“. Continue reading “How to deal with those non-readers in your home?”

A Bookworms Month Ahead: September 2015

My apologies for getting this edition out so late. I have been extremely busy at work with a big conference looming and if that was not enough my internet has been acting up. Well I am happy to finally bring you an update on all that is happening in the world of literature in September, because it starts, (or rather started) with a bang. Continue reading “A Bookworms Month Ahead: September 2015”

Exploring Kessel-Lo: Part 2

Since moving to Kessel-Lo I have spent quite some time exploring my new neighbourhood with Loki. Of course not every journey of exploration is a success and sometimes Loki has been less than pleased with me. Continue reading “Exploring Kessel-Lo: Part 2”

Exploring Kessel-Lo: Part 1

6 weeks ago I left Brussels, my home for the past 19 years, and moved to Kessel-Lo, a town with 26.000 people and a funny name. The word Kessel has the same root as the English castle and means fortress, and Lo is an old word for a forest clearing. The origin of the name was a fortress that once stood on the Kesselberg, a hill overlooking my new  hometown. Continue reading “Exploring Kessel-Lo: Part 1”

A Bookworms Month Ahead: August 2015

In terms of awards this months list is not long, but the 2015 winner of Britain’s oldest literary award will be awarded and we get to find out how the Hugo Awards controversy pans out after much drama in the past few months.

Continue reading “A Bookworms Month Ahead: August 2015”

Madrid Moments: Day 4 – Trip to Toledo and the last evening


On my final full day in Madrid Esther drove us to see Toledo, the medieval town that was the capital of Spain until 1560. We reached Toledo without too much trouble and walked up to the tourist information where we received a map and some guidance. Continue reading “Madrid Moments: Day 4 – Trip to Toledo and the last evening”

Madrid Moments: Day 3 – Lazy day by the pool and an evening in Barrio Chueca

On Thursday I woke up only at 10 and headed to Mür Café for my breakfast again. Afterwards I wandered around the neighbourhood, not daring to stray too far since Esther was picking me up from my hotel after her doctor’s appointment. Continue reading “Madrid Moments: Day 3 – Lazy day by the pool and an evening in Barrio Chueca”

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