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Ardèche Adventures: Day Eight – The Hotel and the Drive Home

Saturday 26 July 2014

We were tired when we woke on the day of our return, but we still took the dog down to the river for one last swim. We had an hour and a half before 10.30 when the caretaker would come to the house for an inspection and handover of the keys.

P1100876 Continue reading “Ardèche Adventures: Day Eight – The Hotel and the Drive Home”

Ardèche Adventures: Day Seven – The Final Day in the Ardèche

Friday 25 July 2014

On our last day we decided to go back to Thueyts, seeing as we had such a good time there the day before. We were thinking about continuing the walk that we interrupted the previous day, but finally we figured we were too late to do a long hike before lunch. Instead we decided to go to the little beach at Pont du Diable, which was much less crowded than the day before. Continue reading “Ardèche Adventures: Day Seven – The Final Day in the Ardèche”

On work and holidays

Almost two weeks have passed since I last posted anything, and the latest post did not require much work on my side. It has not been my intention to neglect my blog, but work has got in the way. The downside of taking holidays is the fact that they merely postpone the work that needs to be done to a later date, leaving one drowning in emails upon one’s return. Between the long hours at work and the time spent entertaining my attention-hungry dog, not much time has been left for writing. Continue reading “On work and holidays”

Darnius Diary: Part 4 – Another Lazy Day

Loki by poolAfter our excursion to the coast on Tuesday we were in a mood for another lazy day on Wednesday. The day began grey, confirming our fears that the clouds had come to stay, but by 10 o’clock only light wisps remained in an otherwise bright sky. So another day by the pool beckoned. Continue reading “Darnius Diary: Part 4 – Another Lazy Day”

Darnius Diary: Part 3 – The Coast

During the night between Monday and Tuesday a thick blanket of grey moved to occupy the sky, and we found ourselves waking to an overcast day. The temperature was still pleasantly warm and I enjoyed the hushed stillness of the lake as I ate my breakfast. It was not going to be a day by the pool so we decided to head for the coast. We were planning to take some smaller roads but ended up in Figueres and continued from there to Roses. We thought we might take the coastal route from there to Cadaqués. By the time we reached the coast we had left the clouds behind us and could look over the sparkling sea. Continue reading “Darnius Diary: Part 3 – The Coast”

Darnius Diary: Part 2 – Lazy Days

On Sunday morning I woke up to my boyfriend making a fire in the open fireplace to drive away the morning chill. The smell of woodsmoke in the cool morning air coupled with the view over a lake, reminded me of vacations at the summer cottage in Finland, 3000km north of my current location. I felt both elated and and immensly peaceful as I sat and looked over the lake while sipping my tea. Continue reading “Darnius Diary: Part 2 – Lazy Days”

Darnius Diary: Part 1 – On the Road

After 8 months of blogging I finally broke the promise I made in my first post, which was to write at least one post a week. The reason is that I have been in Spain for a week, with no access to the internet. But I have been writing down my holiday experiences to post upon my return.

After an exhausting spring I decided we deserved a break, and rented Continue reading “Darnius Diary: Part 1 – On the Road”

The Madeira curse: Part 2

Two years after our first failed trip to Madeira, we decided to try again. I found an amazing offer for the end of August 2012 and convinced my boss that they could spare me even if I missed the beginning of the Brussels rentreé. Continue reading “The Madeira curse: Part 2”

The Madeira curse: Part 1

In one months time me, my boyfriend and our German Shepherd, Loki are travelling to Spain for one week. We have rented a house by a lake in the very north of Spain. The plan is to spend lots of time lying by the pool and walking the dog in the surrounding forests. No big plans, no high expectation. Still I cannot help but approach this holiday with some trepidation. Because evidence from the last two trips I have made with my boyfriend suggests that our holidays are cursed. Or is it only our attempts at visiting Madeira that are bound to go awry, as my chosen title rather optimistically suggests? Continue reading “The Madeira curse: Part 1”

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