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Writers block

Night time inspiration fades in the light of day

As I lie down in bed and close my eyes my my mind becomes creative. Ideas for blog posts, chapters and characters of books fill my head. Beautiful sentences reveal themselves. Before drifting to sleep I tell myself I will write all this down the very next day. But if I have the energy to sit down at my laptop after a long day at work I find my mind blank and empty. I tap at the keys but only utter rubbish emerges to be deleted within a minute. Continue reading “Night time inspiration fades in the light of day”


What happened to my blog?

My inspiration fled and hid in at the bottom of a well somewhere. That is what happened. 

You might have noticed the infrequent posts, but what you have not seen is the aborted efforts in the back end of my blog. Among others there are a couple of drafts about autumn, one about a documentary I saw recently and another about the caffeine levels in tea. I do try, but tapping my fingers on keys seems only to produce clunky boring text, wholly unfit for my precious blog. Continue reading “What happened to my blog?”

Sorry! No inspiration…

Inspiration has eluded me this week. I was planning to write a contribution in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge but writer’s block got me. I did think up a story while lying in bed one evening and I was happy with the idea. If only I had got up right then to write it down! Because when I tried to put my story on paper the next day it just did not work. I knew what I wanted to write, but every time I began typing it came out wrong. Not at all like I had heard it in my head the night before.  Continue reading “Sorry! No inspiration…”

Procrastination by Blog

As I explained in an earlier post, my blog was a way for me to begin writing again after a long spell of writer’s block. And it worked. 44 posts later I can definitely say that I am writing. What my blog has not achieved is to help me write my novel. Instead my blog has become another way for me to avoid the intimidating novel-project. I am so busy writing my blog, that I no longer have time for a novel. Or at least that is what I tell myself.

Today I decided to make an attempt at one of my novel ideas. I opened the word document, and read the first paragraph of what I wrote last time I tried my hand at the project. And then I promptly closed the document, horrified at the utter rubbish I had written. Now I do not know whether what I wrote was really that bad, or if the pressure of a novel is so big that I am overly critical. Is it really possible that I manage to string sentences together into half-way decent text on my blog, while the novel sounds like the writing of an 8-year old?

Whatever the truth of the matter, the fact is that I have escaped back into the safety of my blog yet again. I will have to take another look at that page someday in the future, but having been traumatized by my lack of writing skills today, it will probably be a while before I dare double click on that icon. Meanwhile I will keep busy here. At least it is productive procrastination!

A pointless little post (only read this if you really have nothing better to do)

I am sitting here, in front of my computer, eating mandarins while listening to some mellow jazz and trying to think of something to write. I do not feel like torturing my readers with more nightmares about my upcoming dentists visit, but the only other thing occupying my mind is the forbidden subject of Christmas, and I have promised myself to wait as long as possible before I start bombarding my readers with Christmas related posts. Continue reading “A pointless little post (only read this if you really have nothing better to do)”

Why I am scared of writing

I realized today that more than a month has passed since I started this blog. How time flies when you are keeping busy. A one month anniversary might not sound like much, but for me to write a public blog is a huge step, and I am quite impressed with myself for writing 16 blog entries during the first month alone. The question is not of finding the time to write, but having the courage to write and then to press the ‘publish’ button.
Pressing that blue button is always a leap. It is falling onto the mercy of strangers. Like
David Mitchells main character remarks in Black Swan Green “If you show someone something you’ve written, you give them a sharpened stake, lie down in your coffin, and say, ‘When you’re ready’.” I think that sums it up quite nicely. Continue reading “Why I am scared of writing”

Blogging my way out of writer’s block

I promised myself to be productive this week-end and to write on my blog, but instead I have spent hours escaping to Hotmail, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter… I have Googled anything from TV series to information about daylight-savings-time. I could blame Google Chrome’s bookmark system. The bookmarks are just too visible at the top of the page. How can you focus on writing while the word “Facebook” is hovering right there above your post? Who knows what is happening with all my friends right now. God forbid I miss out on that picture of a pizza and the latest developments in an acquaintances ear infection! Who could possibly write while such temptations distract you? Continue reading “Blogging my way out of writer’s block”

My very first blog post

As autumn progresses and the days get colder and shorter I always get the urge to stay at home and cocoon with a warm cup of tea and a good book. This autumn I thought I would try to get something useful done during this period, and decided to create a blog. Being an aspiring writer haunted by the everpresent shadow of writer’s block, this seemed like the perfect way of getting back into writing without plunging straight into one of those daunting novels I have been planning for several years.

I will not set too strict a limit on the number of posts I write (unlike Tanya Sa whose brilliant blog/challenge 365 Attempts (at life) inspired me) but I will commit to writing once a week. I might give myself some points if I manage to write more.

Wish me luck!



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